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About the centre

The Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media is part of Aarhus University. The centre was founded in 2011 and is organised under the Dean of the Faculty of Arts to spearhead the main academic area’s focused research and knowledge exchange activities within the field of

  • university and youth education, pedagogy and didactics
  • development of study programmes and teaching activities in relation to university and youth education
  • the use of digital media to support learning throughout the entire education system and in informal contexts
  • the development of students’ study skills

The centre’s research profile is general didactics but with a clearly defined thematic focus on a number of strategic areas such as

  • IT-aided teaching in primary and lower secondary education, upper-secondary education and further education
  • supervision
  • development of study skills
  • foreign language didactics
  • entrepreneurship pedagogy

The Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media aims to stand out as a unique environment, both nationally and internationally, and as an interesting and important collaboration partner for external stakeholders and international research institutions.