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Mentoring for teaching enhancement

Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media offers the following formats for mentoring:

  1. For individual teachers and academic groups
  2. For supervisors

1. For individual teachers and academic groups:

  • Have you been frustrated about certain elements of your teaching?
  • Have you wondered how to best engage your students?
  • Have you considered whether lecturing is the best way to disseminate knowledge?

These and a whole range of questions about your own teaching could be the basis for developing your teaching.  Whether you feel you are an expert teacher or just a beginner this mentoring format will give you the opportunity to reflect on your own practices and develop your teaching together with a researcher. Mentoring is arranged to fit with your teaching schedule.

It is also possible to arrange for groups of teachers to work together on joint course development prior to teaching as well as throughout an established course.

The mentoring will be arranged together with Associate Professor Sarah Robinson.

2. For supervisors:

Academic supervisors for Bachelor, Masters and PhD students are welcome to contact TDM for mentoring and feedback on their practices.

Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media (TDM) offers individual mentoring conversations as well as observation and feedback on actual supervision.  The mentoring can, for example focus on developing good practices for supervision, new forms of supervision including joint supervision and online supervision, as wells as mentoring in informal, collaborative and peer feedback in the institutions and academic communities.

Mentoring for supervisors is arranged with Associate Professor Søren Bengtsen.