Finding your way

The Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media is based at more than one location in Denmark.

Paludan-Müllers Vej 48 in Aarhus

This is the official address of the centre. A lot of the teaching and courses take place here. A lot of the staff are based here, too, including the management and the administrative staff. You will find the entrance at the rear of the building (access is from the car park).

Trains and busses

Bus number 2a to Skejby Hospital leaves from the Aarhus railway station (at the Banegårdspladsen/Park Allé crossroads) every ten minutes, and stops near the centre. The bus stop you need is called “Ekkodalen”.


There is a car park in the yard at the rear of the centre.

Tuborgvej 164, Emdrup Campus in Copenhagen

A number of staff are based in Emdrup, Copenhagen (building C - C016) – for instance staff who work with academic writing.

Trains and busses

Emdrup railway station is located very close to Emdrup Campus, and bus routes 21, 42, 43 and 185 stop close by.


Parking is free of charge at Emdrup Campus. The car parks are located at the main entrance on Tuborgvej and on the road between the railway track and buildings B and D – a side road to Emdrupvej.