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European Action on Disability within Higher Education

EU project on inclusion of students with specific study-related problems in higher education.


The general aim of the project is to create a higher degree of inclusion of students with specific study-related problems in higher education and thus to live up to the ideal of equal access to education for all.

Project description

Aarhus University is a partner in the project in collaboration with five other European universities.
The survey consists of a questionnaire in which students with special needs are invited to share their experiences.

In addition, qualitative interviews are conducted with university staff in contact with students.
The empirical data gathered will create a basis for exchange of experience with the other partner universities, with a focus on good solutions and practices in the area.
The exchange of experience is expected to form the foundation for developing new, specific initiatives and for generally increasing the focus on the area.

The results of the survey will be available at www.eadhe.eu


  • Aarhus University
  • Bologna University
  • Gent University
  • Leipzig University
  • Coimbra University
  • University of Gothenburg

As representatives of Aarhus University, Senior Consultant Willy Aastrup and anthropologist Mette Lind Kusk from the Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media will be conducting the survey.