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Supporting peer feedback in upper secondary schools by using “Text Feedback - a process-facilitating game”


Since the reform of the Danish upper secondary schools (2005), greater focus has been placed on writing skills and the writing process at such schools. It is also necessary to focus more on transitions between levels of education, and at upper secondary schools active efforts are needed with regard to study competences in order to prepare the pupils for their further studies.

Project description

The project focuses on peer feedback and aims to study whether it is possible to produce a version of the Text Feedback game that can be used directly in teaching at upper secondary schools, thereby helping to strengthen the study competence of upper secondary school pupils and equip them for the working methods they will encounter at university.

The project studies the following issues:

  • How can Text Feedback be included in the teaching of Danish so pupils gain greater insight into (and the ability to reflect on) their own writing process, become aware of the criteria for texts, and improve their ability to write through peer feedback?
  • How can teachers be supported as well as possible when working with the Text Feedback game as a method of supporting peer feedback?

During the project period experiences will be gathered from Silkeborg Gymnasium and Virum Gymnasium, and from workshops held in connection with the Academy for Talented Young People.


From the Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media, Aarhus University

Upper secondary school teachers:

  • Mads Lund Jensen (one of the people who developed the game), Silkeborg Gymnasium
  • Trine Juul, Virum Gymnasium