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TURBO II: benefiting from improved reading skills

The aim of the project is to strengthen students’ academic reading skills and thereby the quality of their studies.


The ability to read lengthy, coherent texts is an implicit skill that we assume students acquire during their upper-secondary education. In practice, a number of students do not possess the necessary skills for reading texts in a sufficiently active, varied and considered manner, making them unable to work with texts at the required academic level for Bachelor’s language programmes.

This is not due to a low academic level or actual reading disabilities, but rather to the fact that many of the students do not know how to actively use various reading and note-taking strategies in order to make their reading more conscious, precise and considered at the required Bachelor’s level. However, the acquisition of reading techniques and strategies enables students to strengthen their skills and improve the quality of their studies. This project is intended as a move towards accomplishing this.

Learning objectives for the course

The objective of the course is to enable students to consider their own academic reading and actively select (and further develop) reading and note-taking strategies to suit the text in question and the purpose of their reading.

When students finish the course, they are able to:

  • Identify and assess their current reading habits.
  • Understand reading processes.
  • Assess, select and use various reading strategies and techniques to specific texts on the basis of genre and purpose.
  • Assess, select and apply various note-taking strategies on the basis of specific purposes.
  • Make qualified decisions on how to apply various media when reading.
  • Make qualified decisions on how to apply various reading technologies.

Programme – Autumn 2015

  • Three joint workshops of two hours each, held by the reading instructor, with a focus on reading and note-taking strategies for all language students from the associated subjects in September-October 2015.
  • Three workshops of two hours each, held by student teachers employed by the School of Communication and Culture with a view to strengthening students’ skills in reading academic texts in September-October 2015.
  • Lecturers will participate in and contribute to the course by providing text examples and perspectives.


The project is a collaboration between the School of Communication and Culture and the Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media (CUDiM).

Participants from the School of Communication and Culture:

Participants from CUDiM:

Deltagere fra Institut for Kommunikation og Kultur

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Doubinsky, Sebastien Associate professor frasb@cc.au.dk +4587162618 1481, 657
Gorbahn, Katja Associate professor katja.gorbahn@cc.au.dk +4587162706 1481, 542
Halse, Sven !!Lektor emeritus sven@cc.au.dk +4529438469
Mellerup, Susana Ester Teaching Assistant Professor slksem@cc.au.dk +4587162606 1481, 646
Pierucci, Giulia Research Assistant romgip@cc.au.dk +4587162681 1481, 633

Deltagere fra Center for Undervisningsudvikling og Digitale Medier

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Cozart, Stacey Marie Chief Consultant smc@tdm.au.dk +4587162938 1483, 620
Lauridsen, Lene Louise PhD Student lenla@cc.au.dk +4529454081 1485, 618