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The centre has an interdisciplinary profile based on didactics, learning theory, teaching technology and special-needs education.

A considerable proportion of the centre’s research is characterised by close links between theory and practice. This means that the basic research conducted by the centre originates in practice.

Research events

Tue 19 Nov
09:30-17:00 | Conference Centre, Aarhus University, Building 1422, Room M2. Frederik Nielsens Vej
Conference: Learning in Professional Networks
Keynote speakers: Alison Littlejohn: ‘A glimpse of the future: Networked Professional Learning‘. Nina Bonderup Dohn: ‘Designing for Networked Learning in Professional Development – what and why?‘. Thomas Ryberg: ‘Networked Learning and Professional Development – Challenges for Design and Education‘. Yishay Mor: ‘A Pedagogical-Epistemic Domain Language for Networked Professional Learning‘.