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Research projects

Research projects in focus


A development project with focus on professional educational management. The aim of the project is to develop the generel pedagogical practice in upper secondary schools in Denmark.   

ASSiST – Assisted Remote Teaching in Danish Schools

The research project aims to make small schools larger – for instance by enabling small schools in geographically marginal areas of the country to gain flexible access to specialist teachers, and by giving schools opportunities for global collaboration, thereby helping the specialist competences of individual teachers to reach a wider audience.


The National Agency for It and Learning has launched this demonstration school project involving action research, focusing on developing and collecting knowledge and experience at upper-secondary schools that use IT and digital learning resources innovatively and successfully.

Innovative and Emerging Technologies in Education (I&ETE)

The aim of the project is to explore the ways in which the different learning affordances offered by innovative and emerging technologies can be meaningfully and efficiently integrated into an educational context. The range of technologies in focus spans from laptops and tablets to multi-user surface tabletops, robots, littleBits, Arduino, ozobots, etc.

Social Entrepreneurship Empowering Development in pre-Schools

The project Social Entrepreneurship Empowering Development in Preschools (SEEDS) addresses the need to provide European preschools with innovative teaching methods and tools. The project will develop a European preschool pedagogy towards an entrepreneurial mindset that combines digital media use. 

Integrating Conversational Agents and Learning Analytics in MOOCs (colMOOC)

The project aims to enhance the MOOCs experience by integrating 1) collaborative settings based on Conversational Agents, screening methods based on Learning Analytics, and reinforce European leadership by forming recommendations and policy guidelines.

Class management and the accumulation of experiences

The aim of this project is to improve teaching competences at upper-secondary level in the Mid-Jutland Region, as well as focusing on the use and dissemination of QTI and a managerial base for school development projects at this level of education. (Website in Danish only)



The EMBED project aims at offering higher education institutions expertise and guidance by developing a conceptual framework and a European maturity model on blended education.

Play and Learn DigiMedia:
Playful Learning Experience – Enhancing adult education and learning environments with digital media

The aim of the project is to enhance the use of digital learning materials and digital media in adult education, develop the digital competencies of the educators and teachers by offering online training courses and provide the teachers with tools and concrete help.

PhD projects

A Culture of Dialogue: Fostering dialogic literacy through educational design in a Danish upper secondary school

This PhD project focuses on the dialogue that takes place in one class at a Danish technical upper secondary school (Danish: Teknisk gymnasium). The objective of the project is to better understand and foster dialogic literacy as a key competence for learning, knowledge building and constructive participation in a democratic society.


Self-regulated learning within the personal learning environment

The PhD project focuses on students' use of digital media as part of their personal learning environment and on how students through self-regulation can take control of their own learning.

Student voice as catalysts for rethinking and enhance teaching in high school

This PhD project explores the importance of Student voice in creating a motivating and engaging learning environment and thus contributes to the development of teacher competencies in relation to classroom management.

Experiencing Higher Education: Exploring the Dark Side of Being a Student

The aim of the PhD project is to explore the ways in which students in higher education do not meet the characteristics of the ideal student, focusing on experiences such as disengagement, misunderstanding, resignation, indifference or boredom.