Research projects

Research projects in focus

DiDaK - Digital Dannelse og Kompetenceudvikling

Projektet er igangsat af Styrelsen for It og Læring (STIL) som et demonstrationsskoleprojekt med aktionsforskning. Projektets fokus er at opbygge og indsamle viden og erfaringer på gymnasier, der anvender it og digitale læremidler innovativt og succesfuldt.

Designing for agency and entrepreneurship through opening up education

The project will explore how to support and nurture learner agency and entrepreneurship through open educational formats.

Educational Design & Technology

The “Educational Design & Technology” project takes up the challenge of thinking forward about new learning experiences that align well with the classroom of the future.

Relational competence and classroom management

The aim of this project is to develop new educational tools with regard to classroom management and relational competence, including testing research produced in the Netherlands in the field of teacher-student relations (QTI questionnaire).

Research unit for educational theory in upper-secondary education

This unit maintains close links to the world of practice, adopting a broad educational and didactic perspective in relation to the challenges arising in upper-secondary education from the perspectives of both teachers and students. (Website only in Danish)

Class management and the accumulation of experiences

The aim of this project is to improve teaching competences at upper-secondary level in the Mid-Jutland Region, as well as focusing on the use and dissemination of QTI and a managerial base for school development projects at this level of education.


Designing Institutions for Open Education in Society

This project focuses on the role and purpose of educational institutions in the 21st Century. By focusing on educational institutions we explore, examine and identify educational designs to open up education in society. 

Entrepreneurship Education in Arts

Entrepreneurship Education in the Faculty of Arts focuses on the different ways that entrepreneurship learning is fostered and supported through teaching in the Faculty of Arts. It will look at the ways teaching connects students with society and societal issues. In addition it will focus on how students develop an entrepreneurial mindset and competences. 


INNOENTRE: Framework for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support in Open Higher Education

Creating entrepreneurial mindsets is a major need, but little is known about how to effectively integrate it into school curricula or not adequately taught beyond compulsory schooling.

PhD projects

Self-regulated learning within the personal learning environment

The project focuses on students' use of digital media as part of their personal learning environment and on how students through self-regulation can take control of their own learning.

Student voice as catalysts for rethinking and enhance teaching in high school

This PhD project explores the importance of Student voice in creating a motivating and engaging learning environment and thus contributes to the development of teacher competencies in relation to classroom management.


Experiencing Higher Education: Exploring the Dark Side of Being a Student

The aim of the PhD project is to explore the ways in which students in higher education do not meet the characteristics of the ideal student, focusing on experiences such as disengagement, misunderstanding, resignation, indifference or boredom.