Finished research projects

Designing for agency and entrepreneurship through opening up education

The project will explore how to support and nurture learner agency and entrepreneurship through open educational formats.

Educational Design & Technology

The “Educational Design & Technology” project takes up the challenge of thinking forward about new learning experiences that align well with the classroom of the future.

HOME: Higher education Online: MOOCs the European way

The overall aim of the project is to develop and strengthen an open network for European cooperation on open education, in general, and MOOCs, in particular. (2016)

Writing and the question of transfer

An international study of the way in which writing in foreign languages influences the discussion of transfer (2011-2013).

Designing Institutions for Open Education in Society

This project focuses on the role and purpose of educational institutions in the 21st Century. By focusing on educational institutions we explore, examine and identify educational designs to open up education in society. 

Entrepreneurship Education in Arts

Entrepreneurship Education in the Faculty of Arts focuses on the different ways that entrepreneurship learning is fostered and supported through teaching in the Faculty of Arts. It will look at the ways teaching connects students with society and societal issues. In addition it will focus on how students develop an entrepreneurial mindset and competences. 

Teaching organisation, forms and media: through and across subjects and upper secondary educations in Denmark, project schools 2010-2014

Teaching organisation, forms and media: through and across subjects and upper secondary educations in Denmark

Research, network and development project on IT in secondary education, supported by the Ministry of Children and Education (2010-14).

All finished research- and development projects

  1. Kulturudveksling

    Lauridsen, P., Thestrup, K. & Howard, P.



  2. Udviklingsprojekter med demonstrationsskoleforsøg

    Bundsgaard, J., Lindenskov, L., Holst, F., Fougt, S. S., Lund, K., Jensen, H. S., Hasse, C., Allerup, P. N., Bremholm, J., Iversen, O. S., Dohn, N. B., Grønbæk, K., Jankvist, U. T., Jessen, C., Lorentzen, R. F., Hanghøj, T., Misfelt, M., Sølberg, J., Hansen, T. I., Graf, S. T., Skott, C. K., Georgsen, M., Brahe, T., Pettersson, M. & Puck, M. R.