Research units at the Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media

Educational Design: Thinking & Practice

The research unit carries out educational design research by applying concepts such as:

  • Design Based Research
  • Research through Design
  • Learning Design
  • Educational Technology
  • Design Patterns
  • Curriculum Design


Entrepreneurship Education in the Humanities

The research unit investigates questions such as:

  • How is an entrepreneurial mindset developed in learning situations?
  • How can students identify potential opportunities to create value for others
  • How do they co-create with each other?



Higher Education Research (HERU)

The research unit employs a practice-based and practice-oriented research approach. Its main areas of research include:

  • Learning and teaching
  • Curriculum theory and curricular practices
  • Student-centered learning and metacognition
  • Supervision and mentoring
  • Educational philosophy

All within the higher education context.

Research unit for educational theory in upper-secondary education

This unit maintains close links to the world of practice, adopting a broad educational and didactic perspective in relation to the challenges arising in upper-secondary education from the perspectives of both teachers and students. (Website in Danish)