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Academics in Residence (AiR) Final Project Exhibition: Collaborating with the digital creative industries

Aarhus University and Ideas Lab, Filmbyen invite you to come and experience the results of the Fall2018 Academics in Residence projects.

11.12.2018 | Pia Gjermandsen

Dato tir 08 jan
Tid 16:00 18:30
Sted Filmby Aarhus, Filmbyen 19, 2. tv, 8000 Aathus C

Interested people within industry, startups & companies, present or future case partners, institutions, educators or students interested in the framework - and everyone else interested in seeing how students and project partners can build solutions and develop concepts for the digital creative industry.


16.00 - 16.30 - Case Walk Through and presentation of findings/results from each team

16.30 - 17.00 - Demo Time: presentation of products and prototypes

17.00 - 18.30 – (Continued) Informal networking with snacks & bubbles


Registration deadline: January 7, 2019, time: 12.00

This fall project groups from higher education have collaborated with industry and research partners from the digital creative industry - From collaborating with More Creative around the concept of Fashion-Tech, contributing to the EU-project IGNITE on advancing digital humanities, working with emotional data with Emolition to Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality around creating interactive experiences for the west coast of Denmark.

At the event each project group will present their project and core results in 5 minutes pitches before opening up the project exhibitions for everyone interested to come and talk to then, experience their prototypes and discuss findings and their implications for the digital creative industries at the reception over snacks and a drink.

Team AWOW (Aarhus Walks on Water): Emma Sophie Ongode, Zihao Li, Nahida Parvin in collaboration with More Creative

Team IGNITE (Design Thinking and Making in the Arts and Sciences): Nicole Ertl, Irene Elisabeth Nørgaard, Ricki Hougaard in collaboration with the EU-project IGNITE

Team West Coast Universe: Elisabetta d’Alessio, Søren Nielsen, Ricki Hougaard in collaboration with Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality

Team Emolition: Martyna Konopka in collaboration with Stephan Drescher from Emolition


Forskningsarrangement - TDM, Seminar, Åbent hus, Videnudveksling