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tir 22 aug
13:00-16:00 | CUDiM, Bygning 5620, lokale 136. Paludan Müllers Vej 48, 8200 Aarhus N
Pædagogisk grundkursus for Instruktorer (dag 1 ud af 3)
Kurset er henvendt til instruktorer der skal undervise i efteråret 2017 og hvis ansættelse er under Arts, Aarhus Universitet. Kurset består af 7 studieaktivitetstimer fordelt på 3 kursusgange, samt online-aktiviteter, 2 timer. OBS - som instruktor får du IKKE ekstra timeløn for at deltage i instruktorkurs. Tilmeldingsfrist: senest 20/8-2017.
tir 22 aug
10:30-12:00 | CUDiM, Building 5620/139. Paludan-Müllers Vej 48, 8200 Aarhus N
Blackboard Basic Course
This Course is taught in English. The Course aims to provide an overview of the learning system Blackboard. The participants are introduced to selected functions. The focus is features in the Blackboard courses. Registration deadline: 20/8-2017
tor 17 aug
10:30-12:00 | CUDiM, Building 5620/139. Paludan-Müllers vej 48, 8200 Aarhus N
Thematic Course: Interaction and Collaboration
This Course is taught in English. You will be inspired to organize activities, where students can interact and collaborate with each other and the teacher. These activities may involve the use of tools in Blackboard and/or digital services on the internet. Registration Deadline: 15/8-2017
ons 16 aug
10:30-12:00 | CUDiM, bygning 5620/139. Paludan-Müllers Vej 48, 8200 Aarhus N
Blackboard Basis kursus
Et basiskursus i de grundlæggende funktioner for undervisere og administrative medarbejdere. Kurset har til formål at skabe overblik over læringssystemet Blackboard og der introduceres til udvalgte funktioner. Tilmeldingsfrist: 14/8-17
tor 29 jun
12:00-13:00 | Sorry this CHEF-Lunchtalk is cancelled.
(Cancelled) CHEF/ Diversity as a driver for learning in Collective academic supervision
By Helle Nordentoft Jakobsen. The talk will be rescheduled in a new programme of activities for the autumn 2017.
ons 14 jun
11:15-12:30 | DPU, room D118 (streamed at CUDiM in room 139)
CHEF seminar by Annemette Kjærgaard, CBS
'Blended learning' - and a discussion of possible areas for future cooperation
man 12 jun
14:00-16:00 | Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media, Building 5620/136, AU and streamed at DPU in room D118.
CHEF Seminar: Digital Backgrounds, Active Foregrounds: Teaching Large Classes in Late Modernity
Speaker: Associate Professor Martin Forsey, Anthropology & Sociology, The University of Western Australia, (Director of Studies for the BA)
tor 01 jun
12:00-13:00 | CUDiM, room 112 (streamed at DPU in room D118)
CHEF/ Integrating Personal Learning Environments in Higher Education: Student as potential co-creators of universities media ecologies
CHEF lunchtalk by Anders Hjortskov Larsen & Tom Gislev
man 29 maj
14:00-16:00 | CUDiM, Building 5620/136, Paludan-Müllers Vej 48, 8200 Aarhus N
Playful Literacies and Dynamic literacies: Valuing third spaces and young people’s agency
Talk by: Dr John Potter, UCL Knowledge Lab, UCL Institute of Education, University College London. This will be a talk which engages with notions of play as a dynamic form of engagement with meaning making, ephemeral but important in the lives of children and young people, and throughout the lifecourse. It will draw on examples from a range of media education research projects which have produced spontaneous moments of play during the course of exploring digital moving image production, coding and game authoring. Please sign up for the talk.
tir 23 maj
09:00-12:00 | Building 5620, Room 139, Paludan Müllers Vej 48, 8200 Aarhus N
PhD Course, Conference Presentations: Preparation and Delivery (day 3 out of 4)
Careful preparation and clear communication are key to delivering a successful conference presentation in an international context.

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