Introduction to University Teaching for PhD Students

Introduction to University Teaching (IUT) is a compulsory course for all PhD students at Arts and Graduate School of Arts


Based on applicable pedagogical theories and models, this course supports PhD students in preparing for teaching, developing and evaluating their teaching courses.

Participants plan and develop their own teaching as part of the course. Therefore, it is recommended that the course should be followed in connection with the PhD students’ first teaching assignment.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, the participants should:

  • be able to describe key principles and concepts regarding teaching and learning in higher education.
  • be able to demonstrate the abillity to reflect on their own teaching practice in relation to analytical concepts in contemporary higher education research.
  • be able to describe, analyze, and critically discuss the pedagogical strategies implicit in their own teaching.

Content and format

The course covers the following topics and themes:

  • Teaching and Learning: about surface and deep learning, teacher role and active learning.
  • Planning and Managing Teaching for Learning: progression in learning, the international classroom and managing teaching for learning.
  • Assessment Practices: Formative and Summative assessment, Peer feedback and aligning assessment for learning.

As part of the course, the participants complete a Teaching Portfolio assignment based on their own teaching experiences in relation to the topics and principles covered during the course. After each session the participants are given an assignment to complete that will be included in the overall portfolio.


By default, the course is in English. However, it can be held in Danish if so wished by all participants. Group work can be in both English and Danish.

ECTS credits and successful completion requirements

2 ECTS credits

To receive 2 ECTS credits for the course, PhD students are required to submit their personal Teaching Portfolio assignment after completion of the course, participate actively in class discussions and activities, and attend a minimum of two sessions.


The course will be held at:


  • Register for course: See under registration
  • Course timing Aarhus: 9:00-14:30, Building 5620, Room 136
  • Course timing Emdrup: 9:00-14:30, Building A, Room 100a
  • Number of participants: Maximum 30
  • Including:
    Morning coffee/tea, and cake 
    Lunchsandwich, water, coffee/tea