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About the centre

We strive to create valuable learning situations for teachers and students at the faculty of Arts. 

Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media is a pedagogical development and research centre at the Faculty of Arts of Aarhus University. We develop teaching practices and education in close partnership with the lecturers at the faculty, and we collaborate with national and international research environments to qualify the teaching development at the faculty.  

Our key task is to contribute to better teaching at the university with a focus on didactics and pedagogics, and with a special view on the use of digital media when it makes sense in relation to the students' learning. We do this in collaboration with the lecturers, and we make a virtue of creating meaning and coherence in the context of the individual lecturer. We strive to build up knowledge and share experiences on didactics, good teaching practice, and the use of digital media in education.

Practice and research go hand in hand 

Development of and research on education are closely linked. And that's why we can only lift our key task by prioritising the academic level. We do this in many different ways, both when we engage in international research projects, and when we collaborate with different partners in the Danish educational sector. Our research is based on teaching practice where we experiment, play with and challenge traditional forms of teaching. 

Our focus on academic excellence is accompanied with a belief that academics is only meaningful when it is informed by practice. Our approach to our work is therefore characterised by a curiosity to understand the context in which the lecturers stand, through the courage to test new forms and methods in various teaching situations, and by the willingness to act – also if it requires more than one attempt.

Background and organisation

The Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media (CUDiM) is a part of Aarhus University and is organised under the dean of Faculty of Arts. The centre employs approx. 35 employees, who, in addition to the management and the secretariat, are organised in two primary focus areas focusing on didactics and learning technology, respectively.

CUDiM was established in 2011 and is one of the four educational centres at Aarhus University. The centre is a central player in the educational and didactical development of the faculty's degree programmes, and is thus also responsible for contributing to increased quality in degree programmes and teaching with research-based knowledge and support in close collaboration with the academic environments at the faculty of Arts. In particular, the Centre must contribute to research and knowledge within:

  • Development of educational competencies for university students.
  • Use of digital media to support learning throughout the educational system and in informal contexts 
  • Development of degree programmes and teaching in relation to these degree programmes 
  • Higher education degree programmes and the pedagogics and didactics of upper secondary education 

General didactics is the main research area, but the area is thematically defined through the formulation of strategic focus areas such as:

  • Quality in university education
  • Use of digital media in teaching in primary and lower secondary schools, upper secondary schools and higher education
  • Academic supervision
  • Development of educational competencies
  • Entrepreneurial didactics



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Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media

Phone.: 871 61951

Email: bjonshoj@tdm.au.dk

Find your way

Nobelparken, Jens Chr. Skous Vej 4, 6th floor, 8000 Aarhus C

The official address of the centre. Most employees are situated here, including the centre management and the secretariat.

Tuborgvej 164, Campus Emdrup, building C (C016), 2400 København

The centre's department in Copenhagen.