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Activities at Arts

The primary task for the Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media is to support quality education at the Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University. We do this by offering a course portfolio with focus on all stages of university teaching and by collaborating closely with the academic staff in relation to their ongoing development of both degree programmes and individual courses.


Our work together with the academic staff across the Faculty of Arts aims at developing the academic regulations, objectives and forms of examination of the degree programmes, but also towards specific initiatives related to the teaching itself, including activities between sessions, supervision and activating forms of teaching.

CUDiM is part the AU Educational Development Network (UPNet) and Danish Network for Educational Development in Higher Education (DUN). 

Educational IT at Aarhus University

An important component of the didactic development at the Faculty is the use of Educational IT – as a way to create more flexible, engaging and dynamic teaching. Together with the teaching staff from the Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University, we are developing formats for e.g. blended learning, the use of video in and outside the teaching, online feedback and much more.

The centre point for all use of Educational IT at Aarhus University is the joint Learning Management System, Blackboard, which is affiliated with all courses. 

Want to collaborate?

If you are interested i working with us on any project regarding University Teaching, Teaching/Curriculum Development, Educational IT and/or Blackboard please do not hesitate to contact us. Find contact information to the right.

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