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Our job is to strengthen and support the departments of the Faculty of Arts both by ensuring quality and progress in the degree programmes, and not least by offering courses for the competency development of the lecturers.

We offer a number of courses and workshops aimed at both new and experienced teaching staff at Arts, focusing on university didactics, Blackboard and Educational IT. We also offer a number of compulsory and voluntary courses for PhD student at the faculty of Arts, with a focus on university teaching and academic presentation.

You will find information and registration for the courses offered below:

University Teaching

Teacher Training Programme for Assistant Professors and Postdocs

The Teacher Training Programme for Assistant Professors and Postdocs is offered twice a year. The programme is compulsory at AU and is a prerequisite for Associate Professor employment. The overall objective of the course is to contribute to the professionalisation of the teaching through increased knowledge, more skills, more reflection, more conscious choices and more knowledge sharing.

Introduction to Teaching and Learning (InTeL)

The course Introduction to Teaching and Learning (InTeL) is primarily intended for teaching staff who have not previously participated in pedagogical courses. The module is structured as flexible, online teaching, and the purpose is to introduce a broad approach to teaching and learning, including key concepts and methods for creating quality in teaching such as alignment, active learning, learning outcome, educational it, exams and evaluation.

Doctoral Supervision for Doctoral Supervisors

The obligatory course is offered to all new doctoral supervisors at the Faculty of Arts and is optional for experienced supervisors. It is a process course that takes as its starting point the new doctoral supervisors’ understandings of their role and place in the organization through establishing i.e.: What forms of pedagogy are embedded in different supervisor and student roles? And what practical tools are used to facilitate and cope with troublesome areas?

Enhancing students' reading and writing skills

This online workshop is an introduction to enhancing students' academic reading and writing skills - also in blended learning or online courses.

Research Communication Skills

Workshop - Persuasive conference presentations

Being able to give successful presentations in English at international conferences is vital in academia today. Targeted at all scientific staff at the Faculty of Arts this workshop aims to build participants’ confidence and skills in giving coherent and persuasive conference presentations in English in front of international audiences.

Research writing in English

Targeted at all scientific staff at the Faculty of Arts this course aims to increase awareness of the characteristics of strong research writing in English and to develop participants’ writing and revision skills