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Research writing in English

This course aims to increase awareness of the characteristics of strong research writing in English and to develop participants’ writing and revision skills.

Content and format

The course content and format will vary slightly depending on the needs of the group of participants. Typically the course is held over three or four days (one course day per month, spread over three or four months) and considers these topics:

  • Common grammar, punctuation and usage errors
  • Conciseness
  • Cohesion & coherence
  • Sentence style and variety
  • Stylistic conventions

The sessions will be divided between instructor presentations, guided discussions, practical exercises, and instructor and peer-to-peer feedback on participants’ own writing projects.

Before the course starts, you will be expected to submit 4-5 pp. of an unedited research article in progress. You will also be invited to read a few articles/chapters on research writing in English. You should expect to spend several hours on preparation between sessions, including completing a few short tasks based on the topics covered in the course, preparing and delivering constructive feedback on your peers’ texts; in addition, you will continue to revise and develop your articles in progress.

Intended learning outcomes

After the course, you should

  • Be familiar with the conventions of academic writing in English.
  • Have developed your ability to write more clearly, cohesively and concisely.
  • Have developed your ability to revise for clarity and style.
  • Be familiar with a variety of online writing-support tools and resources.

Additional information

Course preparations

To be submitted:

  • Short survey on your needs via Blackboard.
  • 4-5 pages of a work in progress, preferably an introduction to an article, chapter, or book you are working on.


  • Several short chapters on academic writing and one on commas.

Target group

Faculty members from one or more departments at the Faculty of Arts.

Number of participants

This workshop is offered on request for a minimum of six and a maximum of twelve faculty members at the Faculty of Arts. 


Please contact Stacey Marie Cozart if you are interested in organizing a course.