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Online exams

Advice and guidelines for online exams at the faculty of Arts

On this page, you will find general advice and specific guidelines for how to plan and run online exams. At the Faculty of Arts a number of exams will be reorganised and will thus take place online this year. There are a few general points of attention that you as a teacher must be aware of when the exam is held online.

  • Be aware of the academic objectives
  • Test the technique and do rehearsals 
  • Be clear about the framework and rules in your communication to students

Additionally, the specific alternative type of examination will give reason for specific considerations and points of attention. Visit the pages below to find specific guidelines for the type of exam relevant for you.

NOTE: Please note that guides are kept up-to-date in relation to the current administrative and technical solutions. Therefore, always remember to use the link – also when reading PDFs.