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PhD courses

We offer a number of compulsory and voluntary courses for PhD students at the faculty of Arts, focusing on university teaching and academic presentation. You will find information and registration for the courses offered below.

University teaching for PhD students

Compulsory courses about university teaching and PhD supervision for PhD students at the Faculty of Arts.

Introduction to PhD Supervision for PhD Students at Arts

An obligatory course for all PhD students at the Faculty of Arts. The purpose of the course is to have the PhD students be familiar with the typical challenges of a PhD process with regards to supervision and with core issues dominating the discourse on the supervisory dialogue. Furthermore the course supports reflection on different supervisor/student roles and how the students' own writing process affects the process of supervision.

Introduction to University Teaching for PhD Students

An obligatory course for all PhD students at the Faculty of Arts. Based on applicable pedagogical theories and models, this course supports PhD students in preparing for teaching, developing and evaluating their teaching. Participants plan and develop their own teaching as part of the course.

PhD courses

Elective courses for PhD students at the faculty of Arts, Aarhus University.

Conference Presentations: Preparation and Delivery

This course aims to provide PhD students with insight into the key characteristics of effective academic oral presentations, as well as with knowledge and tools to develop skills and confidence in communicating research-related material in English.

Introduction to Research Writing in English

For PhD students at all levels at the faculty of Arts. The aim of the course is to raise participants’ awareness of the characteristics of research writing and to improve their research writing skills. Part of the course is based on a writing sample from each individual student, which is to be revised and improved based on peer and teacher feedback.