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Online teaching at the faculty of Arts

Because of the newly announced government restrictions to prevent the spread of the corona virus, all teachers and lecturers at the Faculty of Arts as well as the rest of Aarhus University are recommended to conduct digitally facilitated remote education.

All teaching at the Aarhus University, and thus also the Faculty of Arts, will be affected by the ongoing shut-down. For most teachers, this will require new initiatives. At Arts, it is recommended that teaching is conducted partly as self-study, where students themselves will have to read the course work. In addition there should be a number of study activities in, for example, Blackboard as well as synchronous teaching activities such as online teaching via a video conferencing system.

We have gathered all the necessary information on this site, so that you may continue your teaching online. Read more about our didactic recommendations from the online ressource AU Educate and information on our support offers for Arts teachers during the shutdown.

Online teaching on AU Educate

On the AU Educate page about online teaching, we have a list of recommendations for learning activities, so that you can inform yourself on how best to assist the students' self-study and conduct online teaching. On the site you will find technical guides, suggestions for teaching activities and didactic inspiration for completing teaching with various online elements.

  • Online teaching session / webinars
  • Academic/Technical videos
  • Online teacher feedback and guidance
  • Online group work and peer feedback
  • Individual online learning activities
  • Shared online resources

Support options

You can always write to us at eduitcudim@tdm.au.dk if you need help getting started with online teaching or you need sparring and advice in relation to individual challenges or needs.

If Collaborate or ZOOM is giving you trouble, you may contact the staff of CUDiM directly. We are all able to assist with general matters regarding online teaching, but for specific problems consult the list below:

Contingency plans, requesting courses in online teaching, etc.

  • Christian Winther Bech, cwbech@tdm.au.dk, 2166 9706

Help accessing and using ZOOM

  • Tom Gislev, tgislev@tdm.au.dk, 9350 8484

  • Anders Hjortskov Larsen, ahlarsen@tdm.au.dk, 4231 8704

  • Mathilde Andersen, m.andersen@tdm.au.dk, 4266 2471 

Teacher activities on Blackboard and Blackboard Collaborate

  • Birthe Aagesen, baagesen@tdm.au.dk, 2173 0612

  • Karen Louise Møller, klmoeller@tdm.au.dk, 5082 2681

Introduction to Blackboard Collaborate

Get started with Blackboard Collaborate by watching the instruction videos below. Please notice that we also offer introduction courses in Blackboard Collaborate, which you can find to the right on this page. 

Please be aware:

  • Recording in Blackboard Collaborate: there might be up to 30 minutes loading time before you are able to see your recording. 

Intro incl. recording your session

Share your slides in Collaborate

Use breakout groups

Session settings

Share file with breakout groups