Aarhus University Seal / Aarhus Universitets segl


Our approach to research

We have a broad focus on educational research, both with and without the inclusion of technology and digital media. Our approach to educational research is interdisciplinary, and we work with didactics and pedagogy, learning theory, media theory and design theory & method.

A significant part of the centre's research is characterised by a close link between theory and practice. For this reason, we conduct several empirical research projects based on specific teaching practices, where researchers and teaching staff work together to explore an academic issue.

The Centre and the academic staff participate in a number of research projects with different partners from the university, from the educational sector in Denmark and internationally. 

Research profile

The Centre's research concerns pedagogy and didactics and is divided into strategic focus areas:

  • University Pedagogy
  • Education Design and Educational Technology
  • Upper Secondary Education Pedagogy
  • Pedagogy of Entrepreneurship