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Research projects

Research Projects at TDM

At Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media, we are engaged in both larger and smaller research and development projects with a wide range of partners. Common to the projects is a focus on education and teaching - often with the inclusion of technology and digital media. Many of our research and development projects are empirically founded and have a close link between theory and practice. See an overview or search in all of our projects here.

Current research projects

We participate in major international research projects supported by e.g. The Erasmus+ programme and development projects supported by e.g. Danish Ministry of Education.

Current PhD Projects

A Culture of Dialogue: Fostering dialogic literacy through educational design in a Danish upper secondary school

This PhD project focuses on the dialogue that takes place in one class at a Danish technical upper secondary school (Danish: Teknisk gymnasium). The objective of the project is to better understand and foster dialogic literacy as a key competence for learning, knowledge building and constructive participation in a democratic society.

Self-regulated learning within the personal learning environment

This PhD project explores how students' self-regulated learning is expressed in their personal learning environment. The empirical basis for the project will be students from Computer Science at University College of Northern Denmark.

Student voice as catalysts for rethinking and enhance teaching in high school

This PhD project explores the importance of Student voice in creating a motivating and engaging learning environment and thus contributes to the development of teacher competencies in relation to classroom management.

Experiencing Higher Education: Exploring the Dark Side of Being a Student

The aim of the PhD project is to explore the ways in which students in higher education do not meet the characteristics of the ideal student, focusing on experiences such as disengagement, misunderstanding, resignation, indifference or boredom.

Karrierelæring og karrieretilpasning i gymnasiets læreplaner (Danish)

Formålet med ph.d.-projektet er at undersøge, hvordan karrierelæring og karrieretilpasning kommer til udtryk på tværs at det politiske, programmatiske og praktiske læreplansniveau.