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Online education


The objective is to develop and experiment with online education in a Danish university context. The project focuses on both online activities in traditional campus-based degree programmes and the development of purely online degree programmes.

The project examines online education from a primarily pedagogical and didactic perspective, and focuses on developing online forms of teaching that utilise the unique potential of digital technologies. Part of the project includes exploring and experimenting with various digital technologies that support online learning activities.

The project is research-based and closely linked to existing research activities. This means that the project is based on international research within the field, but that it also contributes experiences and empirical material to current research.


Until now online education has primarily been associated with distance learning, but interest in online activities has spread increasingly to traditional campus-based universities as well. This development involves a transition from face-to-face teaching to (partially) online teaching activities, which challenges the universities both pedagogically and organisationally.

A central element in online education is the ability to offer alternative forms of teaching to new target groups. This is linked to the concept of open education, which has been a central focus area for international research into online education within the last 10-15 years. Internationally, this has resulted in particular in the development of Open Education Resources and (most recently) Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). In a European context, the EU established the programme Opening up Education in 2013, aiming to support projects within programmes of higher education.

The development project is linked to the international movement within open and online education.

The project also includes experiences from the following EU projects, in which the Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media is involved: