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Innovative and Emerging Technologies in Education

The multidisciplinary project “Innovative and Emerging Technologies in Education” (I&ETE) aims at exploring the ways in which the different learning affordances offered by innovative and emerging technologies can be meaningfully and efficiently integrated into an educational context. More specifically, the focus is on different types of interfaces (e.g., graphic, haptic, touch, tangible) and on how they can be combined to promote enhanced learning experiences.

For example, although the personal computer is still the main technology used in the classroom, the limited input methods it offers (1 keyboard, 1 mouse) creates challenges to students during synchronous collaboration activities. On the contrary, tangible interfaces (e.g., cards, cubes, tiles, etc.) offer a shared workspace that is more inviting to collaborating students, since all interface items can be directly manipulated by all participants.

The range of technologies in focus spans from the commonly used laptops and tablets, to the more exotic multi-user surface tabletops, robots, littleBits, Arduino, ozobots, etc. Most of the technologies in mind are either programmable or completely open source, inviting users to extend their functionality. As such, from a technology point of view, the project focuses only on using off-the-self solutions into the classroom, but also on combining, extending, and developing new technologies for education. Research activities in the project take place in both controlled and natural educational settings, examining how different tools affect interaction, communication, and learning.


1 January 2016 - 31 December 2018

The project is co-financed by the Aarhus University Research Foundation (AUFF).