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Play and Learn DigiMedia

Playful Learning Experience – Enhancing adult education and learning environments with digital media


The aim of the project is

  • To enhance the use of digital learning materials and digital media in adult education
  • To develop the digital competencies of the educators and teachers by offering new online training courses
  • To provide the teachers with new tools and concrete help in order to improve the learning opportunities by integration of digital media


The main outcomes of the project are

  • New online materials for teacher training
  • Training material irrespective of ICT-equipment, -surroundings and devices in use by the schools/educational institutions and/or the students

The basic principle for the development work in the project is BYOD (Bring your own device). Professional development and training for teachers and educators is a crucial point for the “digital jump”. When developing digital competencies of the educators the pedagogical aspects of using digital media is especially important.


Coordinating institution

  • Åbo Akademi University, Centre for lifelong learning (FI)

Partner institutions

  • Aarhus University, Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media (DK)
  • European University of Cyprus (CY)
  • University of Coimbra (PT)
  • University of Tartu, Lifelong Learning Centre (EE)

The aim of the partnership is

  • To develop and expand the competencies of the adult educators, especially their digital competencies, in order to enhance the learning experience of the students.
  • To decimate the digital gap between the teachers and students.
  • Improved quality of adult education offered and better access to learning.

The innovative elements in the partnership and development work are modeling of “Digimentors”, an iterative development process method and emphasis on the pedagogical aspects on the use of digital media. The aim of the new online material is to offer teachers and educators positive experiences of using digital media in their own teaching. The project will develop methods for learning digital media in a playful and joyful way.

Project period

1.9.2016 - 28.2.2019

The project is co-financed by Erasmus+